The purpose of DETC is to serve the children of our community by providing an opportunity for youth to
participate in a program of the highest standards that promotes healthy competition, positive attitudes in
athletics and everyday life and academic success

The objective of DETC is to augment the physical and mental development of children through
learning and running track. It is the intention of DETC to give all eligible individuals the opportunity to
participate in the American tradition of youth sports that encompasses instilling the sense of
teamwork, the excitement of victory and the character-building exercise of facing defeat with dignity.

We will seek to reinforce the ideas of honesty, loyalty, courage, respect, and good sportsmanship in each
player. We will strive to teach the concept of team involvement, discipline in work ethic, and the
realization of achievement that will nurture children socially.

In addition, we will provide an opportunity for youth to learn the fundamentals of track and field. The
children will be challenged both physically and mentally in a safe and controlled environment. The track
meets, although competitively structured, will not put more emphasis on winning than on sportsmanship and
developing positive community values.